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reactions to my hair have been positive. cam likes it. my mother has been noncommittal. the two people at work who noticed thought it was cute. it's definitely a lot easier to deal with the shorter hair. paul didn't like it at first, amusingly enough.

cam: look at mommy's hair.
cam: don't you want to look at mommy's cute short hair?
paul: no.
paul: [sniffly] i don't want to look.

i don't miss my hair, really, not that much. i don't miss getting my hair caught under my handbag strap in the crook of my elbow or my forearm. i don't miss paul pulling my hair for fun, but i do miss paul grabbing handfuls of my hair for the sole purpose of putting it on his head.

paul: share hair.
paul: i'm sharing your hair, mommy.



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