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labor violations

cam woke up screamingly angry in the middle of the night. he had had a dream that so infuriated him he needed to get up and have a smoke.

apparently he had dreamt that i had been laid off because a new higher-up had decided to cut costs by getting rid of people. there was a meeting scheduled for myself, my boss and my boss' old boss (she recently retired), and for some reason cam was there. they claimed that it wouldn't take long for the higher-up to realize they needed me, so they were pretty sure they'd be able rehire me. cam let them have it. he was cussing them up and down the street. "you're getting rid of her," he raged, "to save half the cost of a first-year associate!" as he was telling me about this, in my half-awake state all i could think was "they are going to call the police." eventually dream-cam told dream-grace to give notice and quit before i could get laid off. then he grabbed my hand and we got the hell out of dodge.

he was most awesome in his fierceness, but good lord, i'm not sure that's the way to deal with bad work news. serves him right he couldn't fall back asleep after a dream like that.



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