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living greener

cam and i have really been working on our recycling efforts. in the last few months, we have probably doubled or tripled our recycling and have reduced our trash output accordingly. it's kind of funny -- we used to semi-indulgently roll our eyes (collective eyes, yes) whenever we'd discover my mom had stealthily removed items from our trash in order to recycle them. now she's the one amused by our diligence in rinsing out containers and bottles.

for me, part of the change in routine came about when paul got a tonka recycling truck. it came with a dvd about garbage trucks and recycling. the landfill part was so depressing. i've watched it a few times since, but i've never felt comfortable about it -- so here we are, earnestly separating our trash from our recyclables and occasionally feeling a sense of bemusement about how we have changed.



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