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luddite no longer

so. i never wanted an ipod, but cam wore me down.

stage one: hell no.
stage two: um, i wouldn't throw it away.
stage three: okay, when you get a new one, i'll take your old one.
stage four: fine, buy me one for my birthday.

and now i have one, complete with a fancy shmancy tokidoki iskin. ugh. do you know how hard i avoided all things frivolously prefixed by the letter i? i feel like a traitor to my very soul.

that said, the clothed ipod is ridiculously cute (cam bought me "milky time"), and itunes -- as a storage facility -- is pretty useful. i don't plan to record all my cds to my computer and then just junk all the cds because i do love the tangibleness of a cd, nor do i plan to start buying music off itunes, so i guess i'm still a big stuck-in-the-past wuss, but i'm taking baby steps. even the most stubborn can change. paul won't need to be ashamed of me.



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