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manic tuesday

although three-day weekends are generally pleasant things, i don't always like them (by the time i return to work, of course) because some weeks i feel like i need every minute of the five-day workweek to get everything done.

a friend was complaining today how she had forgotten today was picture day for the new edition of her office directory. "i would have worn my hair down because i put it in a ponytail the last time and my face looked fat," she fussed. the problem was, she declared, that these occasions should never be scheduled for the day after a weekend. "they should plan them for a tuesday or something."

me: but it is tuesday.
her: you know what i mean.
me: they should have scheduled it on a technical tuesday.
me: the second day of the workweek.
her: exactly.

in retrospect, i know she worked yesterday -- in fact, she worked all weekend -- so she shouldn't have been as forgetful as she was. but then again, she was multitasking so hard she didn't even have time to take her picture today, so in the end it really didn't matter.

today was vicious. we were two days behind the foreign offices and they seemed busier than usual, which meant that we were twice as busy as usual. by the time cam left work, i was ready to scream. loudly. very loudly. if tomorrow isn't any better, i'm going to see if cam can pick me up early and i'll work from home just to get away from my office.



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