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cam had to go to work today, so paul and i were alone all day (minus a short visit to my mom's house for lemonade and grape tomatoes). we played computer games, watched mythbusters and ate lots and lots of toast. i cut little stars and moons out of brown rice bread (spread thickly with vegan butter). he ate the cutouts. i ate the crusts. he wanted seven slices, so i dutifully toasted, cut and buttered. he dutifully ate.

he got mad at me because i said that i couldn't help him stack dominos because dominos are not meant to stand up. he got over it when i distracted him with pete yorn's new video. he liked the little birds.

we were sitting on the couch with mythbusters ("border slingshot") and toast when i asked him if he wanted to go for a walk. he jumped up and willingly put on jacket and boots. we went down the stairs and started to walk. when a lady with a stroller crossed the street in front of us, paul lagged back and distracted me by pointing down an driveway. then he turned around and announced we were going to walk the other way. we barely got around the corner when his attention was diverted by a little wooden duck with spinning legs. it was really windy, so the legs were moving rather quickly. after a few seconds of pointing at it and talking about it, he suddenly declared we were going back. in front of our house, i asked him for our next destination.

paul: [firmly] inside.

we were probably outside for about 15 minutes, tops. so much for fresh air. that was the world's shortest walk.

he didn't want to try cooking or baking anything. he also wouldn't let me deal with the laundry. i was hoping to have dinner and laundry done by the time cam arrived from work, but paul was having none of that (plus the fact that i had to throw out what i was going to cook -- i lost track of time and my eggplant in the fridge was much older than i realized. oops.). eh. i'm not a good homemaker. cam should just be glad i'm not a good home-burner-downer or a good child-neglecter.

everyone seems to be expecting me to be a worn-out wreck after a day alone with paul (hey, i may work outside the home, but it doesn't make me a total weakling), but believe it or not, life with the fussy mr. baby is not always a struggle. it was a lovely day.



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