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silently voiced

is it possible to tell a friend that her husband is a putz? i guess it depends on your level of friendship.

i have a friend who has not yet lost all her baby weight from having a daughter about a year ago. her schedule is really hectic, but she recently joined a gym for lunchtime workouts in order to try to get back into prepregnancy shape. she knows she's not at her best, appearancewise.

her husband is very critical. she has, he tells her, let herself go. "he's really shallow about some things," she admits uneasily. her weight really bothers him. when she told him that she's been asking around and that nobody thinks she's fat except him, he tells her that she must be asking the wrong people. go ask a thin person, he said.

well, shit.

if cam had said such a thing to me, i would be writing a nice condolence note to his parents. "kiss my fat ass goodbye," i would scream as i drove over him with his beloved audi. (but this isn't about cam, obviously, because cam would never, ever say such a shitty thing.)

now, i don't know her husband. i've only met him once and i didn't get much of a sense of him in that one meeting. i've been told he is a fitness junkie, so it does seem plausible that he could say such a thing... but i know there's a long road between a guy who is just concerned about his wife's health and the guy on "maury" who slips diet pills into his emaciated wife's food. and i know that sometimes we all say things we don't necessarily mean, especially when it comes to touchy subjects.

that said, i do believe that a man who could say such a nasty thing to his wife -- in the heat of an argument or otherwise -- has earned the right to be called a schmuck by his wife's friends. and my dear friend, i may not say this to you in person, but man, the husband of yours? is a putz.



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