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tie a string around my finger

we are planning on taking advantage of the container store's 30% off elfa sale to organize our back room, which is currently piled high with computer stuff, craft stuff and tools galore. cam is in the process of cleaning his end of the room (i can't even get to mine because of all the tools), and we're supposed to head down to costa mesa this weekend.

now, i love container store. i love elfa. a few years back we bought three sets of their drawers to use as a pantry. we had planned everything online, so an associate took our shopping list and returned maybe 15 minutes later with a full shopping cart. it was rad, and i cop to feeling superior to all of the people waiting in line for planning assistance. we plan to do the same thing this time.

but here's the issue: i'm already feeling anxious that we're not going to make it this weekend because the back room is a chore and a half and i don't want to go if we're going to buy the stuff and not be ready to install it for months (it'll never get installed if that's the case). i don't need to feel anxious because the container store is worried that i don't remember that the sale is going on NOW.

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good freaking lord. remind me again why i'm on their email list?



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