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i cannot be the only person who finds american apparel to be the enemy of the short-waisted. the way those long t-shirts fit me is absolutely criminal, but i have no choice -- all of the cute graphic tees i have/want use american apparel shirts. feh.

fashion is such a funny thing. when i was a kid, it was all big shirts and leggings. then came cropped tops, which i loved because they fit like normal shirts on my poorly proportioned frame (hip length, roughly). there was no such thing as low-rise, so the cropped shirts were supposed to hit you at the waist, which is exactly where your pants/skirts began. maybe if you were daring, your tops were a bit more cropped than most. a bit of exposed midriff was rather risque. fast forward a zillion years. i cheered low-rise jeans because i finally wouldn't be getting clipped in the ribs whenever i wore jeans. they were initially kind of exclusive, but soon it seemed like either you wore mom jeans or something considerably lower. rises dipped. everywhere you went, you were treated to unsightly bulges (love handles on even the skinniest) and vast expanses of skin. once perfectly normal fitting shirts were suddenly too short. t-shirts started getting longer and longer, tunics regained popularity -- but vests and sweaters and jackets were suddenly cropped again! odd. so women wear low-rise jeans because they elongate the torso, but then they proceed to wear long shirts paired with short shirts to cut themselves in half. what a mess.

i'll stick to eileen fisher -- and cam's xl t-shirts.



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