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chain reaction

walking through the kb toys outlet at citadel (outlet mall in commerce):

me: here's a joke.
me: a three-year-old walks into a toy store and says, "i want a rube goldberg machine."
cam: [chuckles]

paul has been positively fascinated by rube goldberg machines for a little while now. the other day cam mentioned rather offhandedly that his dad and paul had been watching videos of rube goldberg machines. i think i raised an eyebrow, but didn't think anything of it because, after all, those two watch nasa tv together, too.

during the weekend cam called me over to the computer. they had been watching video clips from a japanese tv show called "pitagora suicchi." each show, i'm guessing, contains a segment where they show off the most astonishing little rube goldberg contraptions. paul was in awe. ever since then, he's been wanting to build some of his own. everywhere we go, he wants to buy something that he could use in his rube goldberg machine. i want to tell him that he needs to start small and just use his tinkertoys, but i doubt he'd listen.



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