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the day before the superbowl cam and i went to the container store and bought our shelving for the computer room. because my layout was supersimple, my shelves are already up. hopefully we'll get to work on cam's this weekend.

we thought we were coming in at the very end of the sale, so we planned to get there right after they opened. amusingly enough, there was no need for us to rush -- they extended the sale through this weekend. upon learning this (thanks, joel), i told cam that we should hurry up and put his shelves up so that we could go back to the sale if it turned out we needed something. he hemmed and hawed and made all sorts of noises about how 30% off isn't a big deal when the item is really small, cheap, etc. etc. (you know, like a bracket or something). i said that he was rationalizing his procrastination. he made a face. i smirked.

i'm really pleased by my shelves. cam put up the top tracks and then left the rest to me (at my request, mind you). the quality is undeniable and the components were easy to set up (i used two 32" top tracks, three 36" hanging standards, nine brackets, shelf connectors galore and enough white melamine for two 60" x 12" shelves and one 60" x 8" shelf). we bought the platinum finish and i am very happy with it. everything feels sturdy and smooth.

the salesclerk who pulled everything together for us was very efficient, as was the checker. but they got into a somewhat personal conversation while i was standing there and i felt a little uncomfortable, like i was either supposed to just jump in or just pretend that i wasn't paying attention. they were nice, though, so i tried not to let my anti-social nature shine through too much. (the salesclerk was so nice, she stayed with us the whole time and even helped load the car.) i think they were a little amused that we arrived with shopping list in hand. i guess most (read almost all) people take advantage of the free planning assistance. but honestly, with as straightforward a job as ours, there didn't seem to be any need to partake of that.

it turned out that the hardest part of our trip was driving home. the shrink-wrapped shelves slid around so much that we ended up buying some cheap blankets from a neighboring ikea to cushion/wrap/protect them. cam also drove really slow, which helped. i believe that part of cam's motivation was that the rails were right behind my seat. if there had been an accident, those rails could have gone straight through the seat back -- i would have been impaled. how's that for a pleasant thought?

if i had a bigger house with bigger closets, maybe i'd consider using more elfa shelving, but right now i think i'd be wasting my money on them. my closets are so small, they just aren't worthy of the stuff. what i'm currently interested in is ikea's pax shelving because they're freestanding units that mimic closets. sexy. maybe in a couple of years i'll contemplate replacing the cheap wooden bookshelves we're using now (ikea's gorm line, i think). i couldn't possibly do it any sooner because i'd be sad about ditching the canvas slipcovers my mom and i made to make said cheap shelves look more presentable.

to be perfectly honest, though, i don't want elfa or pax. i just want less stuff. but pseudoparadoxically -- i'm a wanty person, so maybe thinking of organizational methods isn't such a bad idea.



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