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paul: tell me a story.
me: i can tell you about the bad dream i just had.
paul: okay.
me: i was still in school.
me: i lost my purse and my backpack.
me: and i looked everywhere and i couldn't find them.
paul: if you had your telescope, you could have found them really easily.
me: i know, but i didn't have a telescope.
me: so i was walking and walking...
paul: then i was there and i found a bag with a handle.
paul: that was your purse!
paul: i gave it to you.
me: you found my purse!
me: you are my hero.
paul: then daddy came and we found another bag with straps on the back.
paul: it was your backpack.
paul: we gave it to you.
paul: we can both be your heroes!



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