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iceman cometh

one morning when i wasn't quite all there (we were lounging about in the bedroom -- i may have been half asleep), i thought i was losing my mind when i heard paul declare, "snowman!" much to my amusement, we were instructed to stack our heads -- cam's head on the bottom, mine in the middle and paul's on top. this, i was told, was the snowman, and we needed to build one. NOW.

so we did. my ears were a little squished, but it was so funny it was worth it.

the other night paul decided that we needed to make another snowman, just the two of us. we were sitting in our rocking chair, so i put my head down on the armrest. he put his little head on top of my head and we giggled like fiends. for a child who has never seen snow, i guess this is a fine alternative.



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