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job security

at work we have these cool copy machines that can also make pdfs (ooh, magic) and then email them to designated recipients. going one step further, you can even make a cover sheet that will tidy up the process. for instance, rather than having the email come from some random-sounding workstation email address, you can set it up to have the email come from a specific person. (you know, like yourself.) you can also use the cover sheet to set up a distribution list, a subject line for your email or a title for your pdf. it's really neat. you can even make your cover sheet single or multiple use.

i have a multiple-use cover sheet that i use regularly. it's very basic. emails come from me to me. yesterday i sent something to myself, but when it didn't show up within 15 minutes, i was baffled. mid-day it can take over an hour sometimes, but at 7 am, the email is usually in my inbox before i even get back from the copier. irritated, i went back and scanned in the document again. 15 minutes later, i still didn't have it. i went back to the copier and just typed in my email address. by the time i got back to my desk, the email from the random workstation was there. i just shrugged.

later that day, i happened to check my junk mail folder -- and there were those two emails from me. so! i'm a junk-mail sender! that's what my firm thinks of me? i expect my pink slip on monday.



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