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joyless convenience

a few weeks back cam started pushing the google reader on me. i resisted, but eventually gave in because i read too many blogs to visit daily -- because, you know, i have a job.

except for the blogs with lame feeds, this is working out nicely. the ability to share entries with cam does add a nice touch. and the reader really makes it so obvious which blogs update all the freaking time. the ones that hardly ever update (joel, do you hear me?), well, maybe i should drop them from my list... (kidding, joel)

however, with even with all of the fancy-schmancy new conveniences, it is hard to deny that it kind of takes some of the color out of the daily blogreading experience. this is going to sound stupid (especially considering that lots and lots and lots of people happily use feeds to keep tabs on just about everything), but i feel like a peeping tom. no more sense of community (not that i'm a comment-leaver, anyway). it's kind of like listening to a broadcast of a concert on the radio. you're probably hearing more than you would if you were there, but it's just not quite as fun.



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