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on my way to bring the laundry down to the basement, i picked up cam's copy of the new penny arcade book. there i stood, in the kitchen, for 15 minutes, more than long enough for a cd to be added to my itunes library (indeed, long enough for five cds). dammit. so i went back to my laptop, put in another cd and started to write about being not making it to the basement before the first cd was done. while looking for the book (which as of 2/2 is not yet on thinkgeek), another cd finished recording. i'm so useless. i'm going to finish this entry -- very meta -- and put in another cd, then i'm going to go back to the kitchen to pick up my laundry and bring it down to the basement. this time i will avert my eyes from that infernal book. damn you, gabe and tycho, for this odd sequence of events. i just want to be a housewife, for god's sake.



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