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just one of the guys

this is kind of a big deal for me. i know it's going to sound pretty dumb, but i'm rather proud of myself. i built a trebuchet (tinkertoys) on a rolling platform (a shallow flat box with matchbox cars taped to the bottom) with a quick release (more tinkertoys plus string). it throws a projectile (clay on a short length of knotted string) all the way across the living room. cam and paul have been building trebuchets for a while now, but this is my first attempt.

it was all trial and error. after the structure tipped over a few times, i came up with the rolling platform, sort of modeled after all of those damned trebuchet games online paul has been making me find. the quick-release gadget was something i had come up with the night before (making a small barrel fall from a hook by yanking on a string), but i was able to adapt it to fit my trebuchet with great success.

as i was working, i alternately grinned and frowned at myself. maybe paul, cam and the constant construction have rubbed off on me. i may not be much of a homemaker, but i'm apparently quite deadly with siege weapons.



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