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me me me

i have a friend who is a total worrywart. total. i'm shocked that she doesn't have ulcers up the wazoo. i have another friend who is similarly fussy. he frets over anything and everything. these two are the most self-centered people i have ever known.

even though these two are generally nice folks and i do count them among my friends, sometimes i find myself venting to cam about the sheer me-ness of the conversations i have with these folks.

x: me. me. mememememememe.
me: oh no, that's too bad.
x: me. me. me. me.
me: i feel the same way. when ___ happened to me...
x: ME. do you not remember we were talking about ME?
x: your life does not compute.

i was feeling crappy this morning because one of these people seemed to be going out of their way to point out that NO MATTER WHAT, her life/her situation was always going to be WORSE than anyone else's. she insinuated that because my child is being watched by family and not by a daycare facility, i have no right to be sad about being a working mom. furthermore, my son's separation anxiety just didn't have the same resonance because -- after all -- he was being left with family. um, thanks. luckily, by lunchtime, i didn't care anymore about what she had said... but i was pretty hurt at the time.



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