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today is "go red for women day," sponsored by the american heart association. at my work, we're permitted to wear a red shirt/sweater/etc. etc. with jeans in exchange for a $5 donation.

in my jeans, blue shoes, red sweater (it's a reversible red/navy thing -- surely you don't think i'd own anything just red, do you?) and red/white/blue colts hat, i look like a cast member of america sings! amusingly enough, my friend looks the same way (sans hat, of course, although she did tell me it was very cute).

x: we're all gonna look like clones.

from what i could see, most of IT was just not doing the jeans thing, so we didn't have to worry about looking like them. i think maybe i saw two guys in red shirts and jeans. one of them was an asian guy that just a few weeks ago told someone in my department to shut up. for that reason alone i feel quite warmly towards him, so i was pleased to see that he had followed directions. my assistant wasn't wearing a red shirt, but it was because he -- or so he claimed -- had just discovered that he no longer fit into the one he was planning to wear.

i'm feeling rather ambivalent about the clothes i chose to wear. for one thing, the sweater is too high-necked. the shoes make my feet look like they belong to a stuffed animal. the jeans are too close-fitting. i wear baggy, drapey clothes. i was sort of ashamed to walk around because i felt like people were all, "damn, didn't know she was a pear." it was distracting. yet -- i was physically comfortable. does that make any sense at all?

although it was a nice change of pace, i'll be glad to be back in my normal attire tomorrow. there's something so very like anarchy in wearing jeans in the middle of the week. i need things to revert to normal so i can concentrate on regular things, like work.



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