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rose-colored glasses

people at work (cam, too) have been making me really paranoid about pinkeye.

a friend has pinkeye, and she came to work the day she woke up with it. her daughter has had it for over a week -- it cleared up and then came back. when my friend stood in my doorway and announced that she too had it, i warned her to stay away from me because god help me, that's the last thing i need. we laughed.

when another coworker came in and discovered she was sick, he exploded and pissed her off enough so that she went home. cam couldn't believe she came to work.

the next day, i had a flaming red eye and i was grumpy for half the day... but both were due to the fact that i had managed to sleep half the night with one eye half open. regardless, i anxiously checked my eyes every time i found myself near a mirror, even though i had no symptoms.

after a few days i was satisfied that i wasn't going to get it, but i do still peer at my eyes from time to time, wincing at the slightest bit of red. it's been an irritating week, both for my eyes and my spirit.



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