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my assistant is on vacation. when he returns, i think he will initially be frightened because i have cleaned his desk. i couldn't help it. i was looking for stuff.

Cameron: har. is his desk messy?
me: yep
it doesn't help, though, that i am a frustrated professional organizer
i have levels of AR that have not yet begun to be tapped
Cameron: for your sake, i am sorry that you are married to me

he will also be alarmed by the files, which i have rearranged and relabeled for the sake of uniformity.

a friend and i discussed decorating his cubicle while he's gone. cam thinks i should put up pictures of other people and generally make it look like we hired a replacement in his absence. i might do that if i have time, but i suspect it might take me the whole time to get things straightened out the way i like them.



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