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work-work vs. home-work

it's the middle of the night and i'm feeling strangely awake, considering the fact i've been sleeping so poorly lately. i just finished reviewing a set of specs, and am about to start working on an update/revision to a manual i wrote about two years ago.

tuesday was beyond crappy. i was stressing over a variety of projects -- i was still fighting tears for the first half of the trip home -- and i was unsympathetic to cam because i was too busy being frustrated by work issues and people. paul is sick, so cam stayed home with him yesterday and managed to accomplish about half an hour or so of work during the day. (i believe they watched many, many episodes of mythbusters.) it's my turn now to stay home and watch him, but i'm going to try really hard to get some work done. because i fear that paul won't let me, i'm working a bit tonight.

i initially felt guilty about not staying home with paul the first day of his fever, but there wasn't any point to both of us staying home. besides, i was up with paul for much of the night before, so i needed the rest that only leaving home can give me. but then work turned out to be nothing but ass...

i should probably stop procrastinating and get back to work, but i'll be damned if i don't just feel like turning off the computer and curling up next to my poor sick little boy.



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