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a reasonably nice day

this morning cam slept through the alarm. i was in paul's room, so i didn't wake up, either. about an hour and a half after the freaking thing started beeping, i got up and went to wake up cam. jesu cristo.

got to work about an hour late, but it was not a big deal because the partners were all away at a retreat... it was a bit quieter than usual. i was able to get some stuff done that i've been trying to deal with all week. because cam had to stay at work later than usual, i ended up going to the twice-a-month work cocktail party with my assistant and a few others from my department. it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. i was a little perturbed because the bartender (who i have seen at work from time to time) wanted to chat about how i haven't been to the party in years. um, yeah, let's talk about my younger drunken days.

speaking of young...

me: oh, and i have gray hair now.
x: yeah, me too.
me: well, yeah, i'm 32 now, i should have gray hair.
x: you're ONLY 32?
me: oooh, that is something you should NEVER say to a woman.
laughter at table
x: oh, yes...
me: if you would like this drink poured into your lap, i would be more than happy to pour it there.
more laughter

i was much saucier than i usually am. i think my assistant was bemused. cam laughed when i told him. the confident and social work-me always makes cam smile, although he was positively startled the first time he witnessed it.

although it started badly, i think friday was actually a pretty good day. i can't remember the last time i said that about a workday and truly believed it.



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