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fish, fries and only children

yesterday paul and my mom went to the aquarium of the pacific (we're members). i knew they were going because my mom called me right before they left.

my mom: we've been getting ready since 9 am.
my mom: what is it now?
me: um, 12:20.
my mom: yeah.
my mom: he's standing by the door.
my mom: but now he won't wear shoes -- just slippers, the blue polka dot ones.
me: well, if you can convince him to keep them on, then i think you'll be okay.
me: what choice do you have, anyway?
paul: [far away mumble]
my mom: [sounding tired] he just said, "we have to go NOW."
me: uh, okay, have fun.

he fell asleep in the car on the way home, so they just stayed in the car in front of the house. when he woke up, he didn't want to go upstairs right away.

my mom: so he crawled into the back and is lying down.
me: he's asleep in the TRUNK?
my assistant: [horrified look]
my mom: no, he's just lying there.
me: ookay.
my mom: are you really busy right now?
me: kind of.
my mom: i have stories for you when you come home.
me: okay, we'll talk tonight.

but we didn't get to talk. i did hear a little story about how he had refused to share his food (paul: french fries are for ME) when they ate in the onsite cafe, but there wasn't the opportunity to hear more. i'm sure she'll tell me bit by bit over the next few days.

there is one story i'm really curious about. cam mentioned in the car on the way home that she had told him a little story about a guy pushing a little girl in a stroller. paul watched with some interest, i guess, so she asked him if he wanted a little sister.

paul: no.

she asked him if he wanted a little brother.

paul: no.

and this is where it gets weird: apparently he started waving his arms, chanting "no babies, zero babies." i hadn't realized he really was so deadset against a sibling.

cam: you have to have your mom tell you that story.
cam: she has a funny little dance that goes with it.

i'm not sure if i'd rather see my mom's funny little dance or paul's. but either way, i will hear the rest of that tale.



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