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three bags full

today at expo cam startled me greatly by expressing a fondness for angela adams' kenga wool rug. i had never pointed this rug out before because i thought cam wouldn't like it.

apparently you don't know me very well," he said, laughing.

the salesman started the hard sell right away. we asked if they carried it in a smaller size -- and they didn't, so he tried to explain to us that the larger size was really what we wanted, and trust him, he knew what he was talking about. there are few things i like less in this world than salespeople who say that. i find it insulting. good lord, is it so hard to fathom that i might have a notion of how i'd like to spend my money? he then went on and on about sales prices and expo credit cards. cam said that while he wouldn't advocate the purchase, he also wouldn't fight if i really wanted to buy it.

by the time we left the store, i was all fuffled. sure, i loved the rug, but at what price? i had just found THE rug just a few days ago, and here i was, potentially spending three times as much on a different one?

me: i'm just not very good at the expensive impulse buy.
cam: that's a good thing!

eventually i decided against buying the rug that day -- which is cool because i found out that everyone and their grandmother sells that rug cheaper than expo. maybe their final prices won't be as cheap as expo's sale price, but it's totally worth it to me to not feel railroaded.



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