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three cheers for bribery

paul: i gotta go.
me: okay, let's go to the big potty.
paul: no, the little one.
me: no, the big one.
me: i have a deal for you. [picking him up and carrying him to the bathroom]
paul: deal or no deal.
paul: [impatiently] deal or no deal.
me: deal.
me: [helping him up to the toilet]
me: here's the deal: every time you use the big potty, you get a quarter that you can use however you want.
me: so... right now you just earned yourself a quarter.
me: but every time you use the little potty, i take away a quarter.
paul: when i grow up to be a man, i'll have TEN coins!
me: that's a lot of coins.
paul: [satisfied] yes.



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