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my mother informs me that paul's recent interest in a particular tivo'd ep of blue's clues ("contraptions") has less to do with the show itself and more to do with the commercials.

paul: [muffled] ... end of contraptions.
me: you want something at the end of contraptions?
paul: [to my mom] tell her what i want.
my mom: i'm supposed to tell you what he wants.
me: i heard.

my mom proceeded to tell me that paul is very interested in bratz commercials.

my mom: he wants the horse and the skateboard.
my mom: oh, and that magic hair thing.
me: really?
my mom: he sees the commercials and he keeps saying, "i want that. i want that."
my mom: i said, "it's for girls."
my mom: he said, "mommy can play."
me: you know, if he wants a doll, that's fine with me.
me: but please tell him i don't think that those are 3+.

ugh. bratz give me the creeps. i wonder if i could steer him towards barbie instead.



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