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i have been trying to write this post in my head for a really long time now, but i don't feel like the words are coming together. there are some very serious life changes in process right now. lots of thinking, lots of decisions, lots of talking, lots of doors opening and closing. nothing i could write (or type slowly across a blue screen) feels it adequately captures what is going on right now. not that these new thoughts are particularly monumental in the grand scheme of things -- i'm not running for mayor or anything like that -- but they are slowly changing the way we are trying to live.

yes, cam and i are joining the ranks of the ttc. (isn't "baby dust" the grossing-sounding thing ever? why the hell would i want a free packet of good luck baby dust with a pack of pregnancy tests? what am i supposed to do with it, plant it?)

paul is not going to be thrilled. if the last time is any indication, well, we've got about ten months to convince paul of the rightness of this decision.



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