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my mom: your son won't take a nap.
my mom: he says there's no use.
me: no use?!
my mom: i told him, "you could out tonight with your mommy and daddy."
my mom: he said, "i DON'T want to go out tonight."
my mom: then i said, "naps will help you grow big -- you're still a little boy."
my mom: he said, "naps make the boy grow smaller."
me: naps make the boy grow smaller? [chuckle]
my mom: he always has an answer for everything.
paul: [taking the phone] where are you?
me: who am i?
paul: no, where?!
me: oh, i'm at work.
me: where should i be?
paul: target.
me: why would i be doing at target?
paul: getting stuff for my rube goldberg machine.
me: well, if you'd take a nap, we could do that tonight.
paul: okay.
my mom: [taking back the phone] he just closed his eyes!



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