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lip servicing

me: there. [kisses top of head]
me: i kissed your big head.
paul: thank you.
paul: look worried.
me: [looking worried] like this?
paul: yes. [kisses my cheek]
me: thank you.

paul is very affectionate.

paul: i gived her a kiss.
paul: she gived me a kiss!

all this affection is nice, but sometimes paul gets weird ideas.

paul: let's touch tongues.
me: no!
paul: i'm a crash test dummy.
paul: you're a real person.
paul: i'm gonna lick you so i can be a person.
me: wait, so if a crash test dummy licks a real person, it'll become a real person, too?
paul: right.
me: oookay... but don't lick me, please.



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