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live an entire life in a day

am playing with an alter ego emulator. good god, this certainly brings back memories. the intro text is so familiar. i remember how my brother and i snickered over it.

we loved alter ego when we were kids -- partially because it was interesting and partially because there were naughty bits. okay, mostly because there were naughty bits. we'd play until the disk drive on the commodore 64 would heat up enough to justify turning on a fan and putting a damp towel over the back of the drive, over the vent, i think. (yeah. i know.) we had both the male and female versions because, well, we had to get both.

i've been feeling a little nostalgic for my brother lately, so i decided to look for an emulator. lo and behold, it was so astonishingly easy to find i was kind of sad i hadn't looked before.

when we first started playing, we tried to answer the questions truthfully, but that wasn't always the most fun:

Of course you are. All babies are beautiful. You do not have a very good self-image.

duh, it's us. of course we had image problems. it was more fun to try to be truly an altered ego. to be the jock, the jerk, the opposite. but... of course, it's hard to maintain that level of lie upon lie (so to speak) and we'd inevitably revert to type, dying peacefully with the clearest of clear consciences.



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