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the other day we went to a miniature golf course.

of course, there isn't any such thing as a simply a mini golf course. no, i guess they're "family fun centers" or something silly like that -- as if the concept of family fun could be summed up with childish activities without a maximum height restriction. the one near us has mini golf, an arcade with video games and cheesy ticket-earning games, laser tag, rock-climbing wall, batting cages, a cute little preschool paddle boat area (complete with guy in waders carrying the kids to and from the boats) and a bunch of other areas i didn't see.

as a rule i don't play mini golf. i used to play with my brother (castle park, random motels across the continental u.s., etc. etc. etc.) and for some reason, i just didn't want to play with anyone else.

cam: that was a typical date idea i couldn't use.

well, having a new paul in my life means i now sort of play mini golf. he was just so cute whacking at the ground with his tiny little club -- how does one resist?

after playing -- if you can call our nice little walk with occasional swings of the club "playing" in the golf sense -- a few holes, paul decided he was cold. cam went to the car to get his sweater. while cam was gone, paul decided he just didn't want to play anymore because it was too crowded. i had been getting a little irritated with the older kids because they were just racing around us while we were trying to leisurely play, so i was more than happy to give it up.

i was rather startled to discover that paul's definition of "crowded" outside didn't apply to what i perceived to be a very "crowded" inside. we stayed in and played the ticket-winning games for a considerable amount of time. i made a very little video of paul and cam playing air hockey at the cutest little air hockey table ever.

when we left, paul cried. i promised i'd bring him back on a weekday. am not sure that i have a choice -- i have about 60 tickets in my wallet just dying to be spent on foolish trinkets.



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