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patty cake

a few months back cam bought me a kitchenaid mixer. there was a good deal on amazon, so we took advantage of it.

i've always wanted a stand mixer, but i never felt like i cooked/baked enough to justify the purchase of one. well. after trying many different kinds of allergen-free breads, i'd have to say that the best is the kind we can bake from a flour mix. (i admit it. i'm too chickenshit to try a bread competely from scratch.) if only i had realized this sooner -- paul and i have suffered through lots of somewhat unappealing breads. for about a year, i think we ate nothing but heavy rye. we then discovered tapioca breads, which were slightly better.

don't even get me started on all the wooden spoon handles that snapped during heavy mixing sessions. i practically needed tweezers to pull out all the splinters.

i finally had an opportunity to use the mixer, and let me say, that thing is fantastic. no broken utensils. no lumpy mixes. no more dishes than usual. nice and even results. i look forward to many happy baking days.



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