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paul: i have a pinata.
me: a pinata?
paul: it's hanging in grandma's house.
paul: when you come home to my house i will show it to you.
me: wait, is grandma's house your house?
me: or is your house grandma's house?
my mom: what did he say?
me: i'm so confused.
my mom: yeah, he saw a pinata at dora's [the explorer?] house.
my mom: he wanted one and he said it had to be colorful.
my mom: so i took some newspaper, tied the ends and let him beat the hell out of it.
me: [faintly] oh... that's nice.
my mom: it had to have candy, but i told him that the only "candy" i had were cough drops.
my mom: he said that was fine.
me: [sighing] i am just going to have to see this in person.



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