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early gifting

when i saw paul this evening, he was wearing something shiny around his neck.

paul: i'm a present.

then he tried to put that something shiny around my neck, but it got stuck on my nose and i had to put him down so i could laugh and figure out if whatever it was would actually fit over my head. turns out it was a big shiny silver heart on a coppery glittery ribbon.

me: how nice!
me: where did you get it?
paul: [whispering] gramma made it.

we sat on the couch together and examined it. paul was very impressed by the shiny ribbon and pointed out the glitteriness of it. then he looked at the pendant.

paul: [pointing] look!
paul: it's heart-paul!
cam: [laughing]

a paul on my lap and a heart-paul around my neck. what more could i ask for?



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