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making our home that much safer

paul has suddenly become very interested in disney's "lou and lou: safety patrol."

he's been calling out "safety violations" all day. earlier today he essentially told me to stage one for his amusement, so i put a boot in the middle of the bedroom floor and pretended to trip over it. he was pleased. "safety violation! put your shoes away!"

poor cam hasn't been able to escape the wrath of the safety patrol, either.

me: safety violation!
me: [pointing] his shirt [from jalopnik: "save the enzos"] has a crashed car on it.
cam: huh?

then i laughed and went to take care of something in the other room.

paul: [earnestly] safety violation!
paul: your shirt has a crashed car on it.
paul: take it off.
cam: what?

he dutifully changed his shirt. now -- was it a safety violation or fashion violation? you decide.



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