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of dogs and koalas

boowa and kwala are paul's favorite cartoon characters without a cartoon (that we've seen).

we came across their site one day when we were googling "preschool games online." instant love. songs, silly games, stories -- it's a treasure trove of fun. paul was delighted. he especially enjoyed an egg finding game with a little side activity of clicking on a toilet to make kwala poop. the little "la la la lala la la la, la la la lala la... plop!" still cracks him up every time. i'm partial to the "salt is salty, sugar is sweet" song myself.

as charming as they are, i'm glad that our exposure to them has been limited to the internet. it keeps them fresh. i'm not sure we'd like them so much if we had the option of catching them on the tv four times a day.



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