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read those labels

yesterday my mom called me at work in a minor tizzy. paul was sick, she said. she couldn't figure out why. he had eaten nothing new, really, just a new brand of syrup with his waffles. she read the ingredients to me and i didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. she had given him lots of water, sugar (always helps stop allergic reactions for me) and now he was asking for vitamins.

me: um, so go get him the vitamins.

i asked her to put him on the phone, but he refused, crying. i had no idea what that was all about, but since she said she hadn't fed him anything weird, i thought maybe he was just being dramatic. she certainly seemed to imply that this was the case. he's known to fret over the unfamiliar and/or the unwanted, so i just put it out of my head.

spoke to her later in the day. she was much more relaxed, telling me with a chuckle that he would occasionally fake-cough or whimper when he remembered he was supposed to be sick. all's well that ends well, i figured.

when we got home, my mother said that she figured out what the problem was -- it was the waffles. they had egg whites in them. baffled, i followed her to her kitchen. knowing that he only ate a certain brand of waffles that were free of all major allergens, i couldn't understand why those waffles suddenly contained egg whites. she handed me the box.

oh sweet jesus.

these waffles contained eggs, milk and wheat, and were manufactured on equipment shared with products containing peanuts and tree nuts. because they were the same fucking brand and were next to each other in the freezer case, she assumed they were the same. never mind that the ones he can eat are clearly labeled gluten-free, eggless, dairy-free and vegan on the front of the box.

i chewed her out. "i can't believe you fed him these! you didn't even look at the box?"

she was defensive towards me the rest of the day. "sorry about the boy," she muttered in passing.

she should be defensive. feh.



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