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the river jordan

i'm kind of nervous. it's the last episode of crossing jordan. ever. sniffle.

you know, i've been an on-again, off-again fan for years, but i sort of became entangled again over the past year. i was originally a big jordan-woody shipper, but as i saw all kinds of eps i hadn't seen before, i realized that they've been doing this dance for so long that it was getting old. i realized that i kind of liked devon and woody together. (kind of. wasn't so keen on woody and lu, though.) jordan and j.d. were actually a pretty hot couple. hell, i even liked the idea of jordan and ivers. as the series draws to a close, i see we're being set up for a jordan-woody-4evah sort of thing, which is nice, sure, but it's a little bittersweet because tptb should have given that to us YEARS AGO.

i'm happy with the resolution we got for bug and lily last week, though. i think that was done in a very cute fashion. i have always held out for bug's happiness.

i tried to convince cam that nigel and garret were good boy names. no dice.

when paul goes to sleep tonight, if it isn't too late, maybe cam and i can watch the show together. he hasn't watched/cared as much as me (his tim kring love is for heroes and none other), but he does seem to have a soft spot for the show -- at least enough to want to see how it ends.



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