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this is absolutely stupidly petty, so i'm writing it down so that i can forget about it.

this morning i got a vm from the wife of a friend about a potential health problem that my friend might be having. it was very direct and businesslike. i called her back and we talked about my friend for a bit. then i tried to inject a tiny note of levity by mildly teasing her for such an all-business vm.

her: i don't show much emotion when dealing with people i'm not close to.
me: um, yes, of course.

now, i never claimed to be close to my friend's wife. (if i was, then she'd be my friend and not just my friend's wife.) i know she's terrified about this potential medical issue and that is making her a bit more clipped than usual, but i'll be damned if i wasn't a little stung by that comment.

okay, it's out. now i can proceed with my day in peace.



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