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divorce court

my hormones have been completely messed up for over a week now. i jump back and forth between either being absolutely-smooth-sailing-happy to pissed-off-enough-to-rip-heads-off-and-eat them. either that or i'm crying.

today i was freakingly angry over a co-worker's treatment of her husband. her husband had done something thoughtless, certainly, but her reaction raised hackles i didn't know i had. it would have been fine if she had just told me and that had been the last i had heard about it, but no, she had to tell the story over and over. by the end of the day, i would have cheerfully run her over with her own car. it wasn't even so much that i agreed with the husband -- i just hated how she had to be right and how she had to convince the entire fucking world of her rightness.

i hope these hormones simmer down soon. i mean, pms isn't supposed to last half the cycle, is it? i'm not even expecting my period for more than a week. good god. i could hurt somebody.



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