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of girls and dogs

this morning paul and i went for a walk while cam slept in (which he totally deserved to do because i've been little miss lazy-lie-abed lately where paul is concerned).

as we were starting to go up one street, i saw a little girl with a little white dog sitting on the ground. knowing paul would probably go all antisocial once we were actually close to her, i gently tried to convince him to cross the street. he was unwilling, though, so we kept going. he was intrigued by the sight of two men trimming a palm tree. some little fruit-things rolled down the sidewalk.

the little girl (pretty little thing, maybe about six?) tried to convince paul to touch her dog.

her: do you want to pet my dog?
her: he doesn't bite!
paul: the fruit rolled down and stopped at my boot!
her: he's really soft!

paul started to back up. soon the dog leash was wrapped around my legs as paul desperately scrambled to get away. i laughed and picked him up.

her: he doesn't bite!
her: he just licks!
me: look, paul, he's licking my arm.
paul: why?
her: he likes you.
paul: [looking curiously at the dog and girl]

we made our escape and said thank you to the nice little girl. before we got too far, we heard her yelling.

her: bye! [waving dog's paw]
me: bye!
me: say bye.
paul: bye!
me: why don't you wave?
paul: [waving]
paul: i love you.
me: [choking]

my wee boy. courage always comes a little too late.



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