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we got cam a mug for father's day. original, eh?

but it wasn't any ordinary mug -- it was the father's day 2007 special from cafepress, complete with a recent paul addition to our everyday vernacular (okay, maybe not everyday, but still). so cam's mug read:

the much:
greater than a few, less than the most
("it's when you have a lot of water," says paul)

happy father's day 2007

the idea, unfortunately, was stronger than the execution. it printed badly, but i figured, as long as it was legible, it would do. i decided this partially because i timed the order poorly. oh well. but cam was pleased with it, and ultimately, that's all that matters.

paul signed the card with his charmingly three-year-old writing. he messed up on his "u," laughed and wrote another one right by it. i loved that. no self-consciousness, no dismay, just "oops!" cam liked his card, too.

i was kind of embarrassed because i felt like we were less... gifty than we should have been, but the holiday kind of crept up on me. i swear, it wasn't on my calendar, and then holy shit, it's next week! i hate it when that happens.



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