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backyard picnic

with the weather in san pedro so nice in the evenings -- and the grass so cool underfoot -- and the sun not setting until after 8 pm -- paul has shown a decided taste for dining under the stars. today i finished cooking dinner and was on the way to the living room, bowls in hand, when i heard his little voice talking to cam about a picnic. next thing i knew, i had everything on a tray and was heading towards the back door.

we spent the next 45 minutes or so lolling about on a picnic blanket, laughing as paul frolicked madly on the grass. he tried to get my mom to come sit with us, declaring he needed "four friends: daddy, mommy, paul and grandma!" he decided we were machines that needed to tilt in order to move paul from one end of the blanket to the other. he put a flower in a shoe.

i hope the good weather lasts. it's so nice to come home to something like this.



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