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data's day

sometimes i am a little robot.

a few weeks back, we saw a one-man show about george gershwin. certain songs made me feel a little funny -- like i wanted to cry. i was going to tell cam about it, but the sentence that instantly formed in my head was all but impossible to get out because, well, i started to laugh each time i tried to say it. i even snorted once.

a day or two later, i managed to express myself.

me: some of the gershwin songs made me feel what i believe is the sensation commonly referred to as "chills."
cam: you don't know chills?
cam: [astonished chuckle]
cam: it's like you don't know love.

yesterday i had another one of those moments.

i was talking about crossing jordan and i mentioned that i might have an episode saved because it contains the HUGE bug/lily moment. i started to say something, but then began to laugh helplessly. cam demanded to know what it was i was going to say, but i couldn't say it. i told him i'd tell him later, but i suspect that it would still be very hard to say, "yes, i have permanently saved that particular episode because the ending is marked by the moment when, in common parlance, bug grows a pair."



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