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i scratched my head in befuddlement all day long. who is this child?

usually fearful of bridges (trying to avoid such things has gotten us semi-lost more than once), paul declared the normally mundane harbor sights down below to be suddenly glorious.

usually shy, paul headed boldly over to the art table (a place to color cutouts of animals and tape them up to a habitat board) at the aquarium of the pacific, climbed into a chair and talked to the "volunteen" on duty. when she told him that his puffin (actually colored by cam) didn't belong next to his walrus (which he did color himself), he climbed down from his chair and followed her without a complaint to the proper habitat board. we had to scramble to catch up.

usually prone to backing out of activities, paul picked a temporary tattoo from the board and silently let the attendant airbrush a blue and yellow jellyfish on his forearm. he admired the handiwork for the rest of the day. "see my tattoo? it's cool!"

usually unhappy about bathtime, paul cheerfully climbed into the tub. he made only the smallest of fusses about having his hair washed. (me: cam, there's a tattooed young man in our bathtub.)

it was an odd sort of day. if it wasn't for the occasional bursts of whining, i would have thought that we had a stranger in our midst.



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