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i've got rhythm

tonight cam and i went to the geffen playhouse to see "george gershwin alone." we had decided to let our subscription lapse at the end of the season (for various reasons which may or may not become true after all), so it was our final play.

well. it was pretty nice and i was surprised how many gershwin songs i knew, but it all suddenly went nutty when it turned into a theaterwide SINGALONG. good freaking grief. not that i didn't like the songs, but lord. no wonder the average age of this evening's theatergoer was about 70.

it was still a nice night, though. started out crappy (lots of difficulties getting out of the house), but it improved rapidly. we went to the grove -- farmer's market, actually -- for dinner: moishe's and flavored cokes. yum. then we went shopping. wonder of wonders, i found not one but two dresses i liked. pretty, colorful and not too terribly pricey. cam bought them both. (later i teased him that he was so keen to buy them because he's got an iphone on the brain, but that's a story for another time.) the grove was ridiculously crowded, but being a saturday night i could hardly be surprised.

we got home fairly early and now i'm just sitting here while cam watches a csi: miami rerun i've already seen. paul is sleeping soundly. all i need is a drink to make this night complete.



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