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new growth

paul has become an astonishingly good reader. it amazes me because i never thought we pushed the reading as much as i thought we (read: i) should. the funny thing about him reading so well is that when he reads something to me, i tear up instantly. i just do.

it reminds me of the first time i saw him walking around (holding cam's hands) as a baby. i just sat there on the floor, laughing and crying and trying to pretend i was crying because i was laughing so hard. but honestly, i was just crying. this growing up, this reaching of milestones (mind you, the child still can't eat neatly and reliably with utensils), this tiny show of independence -- it's like paul is shedding his babyskin before my eyes and i can't get there fast enough to catch it before it hits the ground and disappears.



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