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seeing the truth on the back of a car

during a smoke break with the bride (how funny that sounds), we laughed somewhat artificially at a bumper sticker-type phrase that came up in a conversation about our identically-aged toddlers: "mommy drinks because you cry."

her: [looking off into the distance] i would insert my name right there.

it was a very cheesy, very bumper-stickery moment. i felt slightly superior. surely that couldn't be me, too.

yet here i am, a week later, just realizing that when we get to eat out sans child, my dinner choices are often based on the booze offerings of our local restaurants. yes, it has been those kinds of days/weeks/months lately. i stand corrected. one day, i will iron that phrase onto a t-shirt and wear it proudly.

hopefully it won't be a maternity shirt, though, or i will get lots of lectures.



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