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the whining felt like it would never stop.

we made plans to go out to dinner, the three of us, but then paul whined so much cam called it off while we were in the driveway. (i was already buckled into the front seat.) paul agreed to eat corn, but then whined at me about the butter i put on it, so i had to wipe it off. (angrily.) i threw the knife into the sink. (noisily.) paul cried. i muttered to cam that i didn't mean to scare him, but cam wryly pointed out that paul was upset only because he thought i threw his corn away.

cam left to pick up dinner (and alcohol to deaden the rattled nerves). he called me to see how we were doing.

cam: is he behaving?
me: you could say that.
me: he's behaving like a little shit.

i tried to soothe myself by cleaning the refrigerator. after removing the bottom shelf and the attached drawers, i crouched down next to it in order to scrub the bottom. paul complained of the cold, but i insisted he stay near me where i could see him. his response was to try to close the door to push me inside the refrigerator.

once cam returned home, the rest of the evening passed fairly uneventfully.

i don't mean to be a grump -- i had actually had a pretty decent day at work. someone once told me that he felt that being a parent made him a better employee because he was now used to having to explain things over and over at home, so having to do so at work didn't faze him the way that it did prior to the birth of his son. my reply to that was being an employee made me a better parent because work had trained me to deal with people with multiple personalities. based on that, paul's total morph into mr. whiny shouldn't have been a problem, but i guess cam's bad mood (do i depend on him too much? i suspect i do) may have tipped the scales far enough in favor of my own morphing into bitch mom from hell. i dunno.

may tomorow be a better day.



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